Cylindrical grinding – Surface grinding

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding is high precision work, involving extremely small tolerances down to the micro level. The technology is mostly used for grinding long, round shafts.

There are different editing methods:

  • Cylindrical grinding between 2 center points with extremely high precision;
  • Centerless cylindrical grinding.

Metals & Technologies works together with a renowned company with a climate-controlled machining center that meets the highest requirements for both indoor and outdoor cylindrical grinding.

If you have an application that requires small tolerances, please contact us; we supply products completely according to your drawing.

    Surface grinding

    Where cylindrical grinding is the opposite for turning, surface grinding is for milling. ME-Metals & Technologies offers you the possibility to tailor raw sheet material with high power and with the highest precision by means of surface grinding and/or cleaning.

    The CNC grinding machines on which this surface grinding takes place can realize all possible profiles, according to the accuracy requested by the customer, even with larger dimensions up to 7500 mm.

    The sharpening of various knives is the main application for the surface grinding process. Use causes wear on the blades, which must then be sharpened. Regrinding is done according to customer specifications.

    Do you also have knives that need to be sharpened? Please feel free to contact us.