Recoating of anodes

A MEMOX and/or MEPLA coating is relatively expensive, partly because of the special metals Ir, Ru and Ta that are used for the coating. The construction itself is not cheap either. That is why it pays to recoat an anode. The residual coating is removed and a new coating is applied.

This recoating does not go on indefinitely, partly because of any porosity that may arise on the surface, but usually 4 to 5 recoatings are possible. In addition to the porosity created, the possibility of recoating also depends on the thickness of the plate, the desired flatness and any damage to the anode surface.

ME-Metals & Technologies BV offers you to inspect the anodes and to make a repair proposal, including recoating. If you agree, we will repair the anodes and take care of the appropriate recoating process.

If desired, we provide the connection contacts with a suitable MEPLA contact coating.