Have you purchased an expensive product? And does it appear that an unforeseen problem arises over time? Please contact us. We are happy to assess whether a repair is possible.

A large part of our daily work in the workshop consists of repairing titanium anodes, titanium constructions and copper / copper-titanium power lines, among other things. The repairs are very diverse and vary from the replacement of threaded rods or the welding of titanium parts to the machining of parts after welding and the provision of new parts such as studs, threads or plating.

How do we proceed? After receipt of the parts, we do an entry check and make an inspection report of the damage for a small fee. We will send you this report, together with a price proposal. After receiving your confirmation, we will get to work. Delivery times can be determined in consultation.

If the repair is of such a nature that a new product is more favorable, we will inform you sincerely and we will make you a suitable offer for a new product.

The choice is yours. We are happy to serve you.