Machine Building

ME-Metals & Technologies has been a supplier to companies operating in the mechanical engineering industry for many years. These companies build complete machines and process lines, but are dependent on hundreds, if not thousands of individual parts.

For the production of these parts, different types of operations are required, such as turning/milling, setting, welding, etc. ME-Metals & Technologies partly produces itself, but also outsources various operations. For example, it has a group of companies with which it works closely and which are specialized in the various operations.

This way of working allows ME-Metals & Technologies to act quickly and efficiently and to help its customers with products as quickly and effectively as possible. Professionalism and efficiency are important characteristics here.

ME-Metals & Technologies supplies metals, from steel and various types of stainless steel to titanium and even tantalum, but also plastics. We supply products for mechanical engineering in all these and more materials.

More information about the different operations can be found on our Operations page. If you have any questions about this industry or if you have a request for us, call or email us and we will get to work right away.