Equipment Manufacturing

ME-Metals & Technologies BV offers equipment for, among others, the Chemical Process Industry (CPI), the petrochemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. These devices including associated parts can be supplied in different materials and according to different specifications.

ME-Metals & Technologies BV works together with the Belgian company Alteco NV, located in Rotselaar – Belgium. Alteco’s qualified employees form the basis for a high-quality, reliable custom-made product. ME-Metals & Technologies guides your requests and projects together with the Alteco employees.

Alteco NV has been specialized in complex equipment construction for more than 40 years and has a well-developed quality system. The company closely follows European quality trends, and the approximately 50 specialized Alteco employees meet the highest quality requirements of the customers thanks to their experience and craftsmanship. They realize demanding precision work for companies that apply very high quality and safety standards, such as machine manufacturers and companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Examples of products are reactors & pressure vessels, columns & tanks, heat exchangers, insertion pipes, piping, circuit breakers, welding components & coils for cooling and heating.

Together we offer conventional steel and stainless steel equipment, but we are also familiar with corrosion-resistant materials such as titanium, nickel alloys, zirconium, niobium and even tantalum. You can opt for a version in solid material or according to a coating technique.

    Pressure Vessels, Columns and Storage Vessels

    Alteco specializes in equipment construction, in particular on smaller to medium-sized pressure vessels; from a 25m³ reactor vessel, to a small version on a laboratory scale. That is where the great expertise lies. From design to pressurization and coating of the devices is carried out in-house. And of course there is no lack of insulation.

    ME-Metals & Technologies assists Alteco when corrosion-resistant materials such as Nickel alloys, Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum are used.

    ME-Metals & Technologies strives for a sustainable collaboration with its relations. We strive for the best possible service and product quality.

      Codes applied

      • AD2000
      • ASME VIII – Div 1
      • EN13445


      • diameter approx. 2500mm
      • weight approx. 15-20T
      • wall thickness approx. 25mm
      • column length approx. 20m


      • Carbon steel;
      • Stainless steel;
      • Duplex materials;
      • Nickel alloys;
      • Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum coatings

      Type of devices

      • Single-walled & double-walled pressure vessels:
      • Columns and storage vessels
      • Appliances fitted with a heating or cooling jacket, half coil spirals and/or an insulating jacket.

      Heat exchangers

      We offer heat exchangers, both in Shel-Tube version and U-type versions, also from design to final device.


      • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
      • Fixed bundle
      • Removable bundle
      • Floating head types
      • Re-tubing of existing heat exchangers

      Codes applied

      • AD2000
      • Theme
      • PED 97/223/EG
      • ASME VIII


      • diameter 1000mm
      • weight 15-20T
      • wall thickness 25mm


      • Carbon Steel
      • Stainless steel
      • Duplex materials
      • Cu based materials
      • Nickel alloys
      • Titanium, Zirconium and Tantalum

      Welding components

      In practice, all devices are connected by piping. Alteco designs and produces the relevant components, both small numbers and multiple pieces. Standard components, but certainly also special versions, in different materials. 

      We offer you our knowledge and know-how.

        Metalworking and specials

        All devices and components start with design and engineering. After approval, we proceed to manufacture, and up to and including delivery, the employees work closely together as a team to produce high-quality custom work.

        Besides the components, we also produce other metal components and parts, according to customer drawing; from ladders and doors, to bulkheads and tube plates for heat exchangers.

        A specialized team is ready for all occurring operations and projects.

          Design Specificaties

          Design tools

          • Bentley Autopipe Vessel software
          • Nozzle Pro-FEA software

          Construction Codes

          • AS2000
          • EN13445
          • ASME VIII Div 1
          • U-Stamp
          • Others, VLAREM II, TEMA


          • Carbon steel > SA516 Gr60/70 – P265GH – P235GH
          • Austenetic steel > 304L (1.4307), 316L (1.4404), 904L (1.4539)
          • Austenetic ferritic steel > Duplex 1.4462, Superduplex 1.4410
          • Nickel alloys > Alloy (Hastelloy / Inconel) C22 / C276
          • Titanium > TiGr ​​½
          • Special materials > Zirconium, Niobium and Tantalum

          Production Codes

          • According to PED regulations
          • NDT – Non Destructive Testing
          • PED2014 / 68 / EU

          Personnel Qualifications

          • Welding engineers EWE
          • Welding specialists IWS
          • Welding coordinator RWCB