Anode Baskets

Titanium anode baskets are used in the galvanic industry, for example for nickel and copper baths. The baskets are available in various designs, from rectangular to elongated, as well as round baskets, entirely according to the customer’s drawing or sketch.

The baskets are standard made of expanded metal 10 x 5 x 1mm. A smaller mesh, eg 6 x 3 x 1mm, is also possible, for example for the precious metal industry. Corresponding suspension hooks are available in different sizes. You can read more about this in the section Hanging hooks.

In addition to the standard titanium anode baskets, we also produce zirconium anode baskets and stainless steel anode baskets. Zirconium baskets are mainly used in fluoride solutions, where titanium anode baskets are not resistant to corrosion. The standard mesh for Zr. is 10 x 5 x 1mm. These baskets are also produced entirely according to the customer’s design.

If you would like advice on your design, for example with regard to current strengths, hook dimensions, shape and finish of the baskets, please contact us without any obligation. Quality and trust are of paramount importance to us.

    Hanging hooks

    Hanging hooks are available in many versions, standard as 9.5×9.5mm or 12.7×12.7mm profile, but other dimensions are also possible.

    We produce the hooks on request, based on numbers, dimensions, type of material and design of the hooks. 

    Send us a sketch or drawing and on the basis of that you will receive a suitable unit price with an indication of the delivery time.

      Hanging racks

      Suspension racks are designed and produced in consultation with the customer, based on the end product to be treated. Nowadays, 3D software is used for the development, in order to get a clear picture of the suspension rack. 

      Titanium encased Aluminum (AlTi) is widely used for the current conduction of the suspension rack. The good connection between the aluminum and titanium guarantees the best current conduction to the product.

      ME-Metals & Technologies BV has these AlTi profiles in Ø19mm x 3000mm length in stock as standard.

      PP bags & filter cloths

      PP anode bags are made to measure from a PP filter cloth. The yarns and straps are also 100% PP. The dimensions of the anode pockets are adapted to the dimensions of the anode basket or the plate anode.

      On request, fastenings with, among other things, Velcro are possible. In addition, there are different types of fine filter cloth for specific applications. The choice of filter cloths is tailored to the respective application.

      Our advice is to always wash anode bags before use. We can do this for you on request. 

      In addition to PP anode bags, we also supply the filter hoses and sleeves.