Waterjet cutting – laser cutting

Waterjet cutting

Products are cut from sheet material according to drawing by means of waterjet cutting. In the past this was done with the help of plasma cutting, but this technique has become obsolete when it comes to precise products.

The speed and the water pressure determine the quality and accuracy. Today’s modern machines correct the deviations that arise with thicker plates, so that the squareness of the product only shows a limited deviation. Tolerances on the dimensions that can be achieved are +/- 0.2mm, partly depending on the size of the product.

ME-Metals & Technologies has Titanium sheet materials available from stock in various dimensions and sheet thicknesses. Waterjet cut products are available within 4-5 working days after receiving your order and drawing. We also supply products in other materials, including steel, stainless steel and precious metals.

Laser cutting

We also offer the possibility to laser cut your products. Normally this is a more cost-effective technique, but where the capacity for waterjet cutting goes to thicknesses of 100mm, this is somewhat more limited with laser cutting. For a material thickness of 25 mm, a fairly powerful laser is already required. The maximum thickness is determined by the power of the laser. The accuracy is in the order of +/- 0.1mm.

An additional disadvantage when using a laser is the hardening of the material at the edge. This hardening is a problem when welding the material, not so much with steel or stainless steel, but with Titanium, for example. Titanium products are therefore usually cut using the water jet technique.