Electroplating Industry

ME-Metals & Technologies is an important link as a supplier to the galvanic industry. We design, produce and supply the necessary materials to companies in the field of surface treatment. These companies apply a metallic coating such as zinc, tin, copper, nickel, etc. to a base material with the aim of preventing corrosion and/or wear.

We supply a wide range of metals and products for applying these coatings. In addition, we provide advice and guidance through the entire process of our customer. In addition to SMEs, these customers are also well-known steel companies that galvanize steel strip with the automotive industry as the final destination.

  • Our product range within the Galvanic Industry includes many types of anodes. These anodes can be divided into two groups;
    Titanium anodes, with our own labels ‘MEMOX’ and ‘MEPLA’, being MMO anodes and platinum-plated anodes.
  • Soluble anodes, such as zinc, tin, nickel, lead and copper anodes.

In addition to the anodes above, we supply for the complete process in the galvanic industry:

  • Anode baskets, in titanium and zirconium, including associated filters and PP bags;
  • Power lines, both full copper profiles, possibly made according to drawing, and the special titanium sheathed copper profiles –> ME-CuTi;
  • Heating and cooling elements, in titanium and stainless steel;
  • Tank linings.

If there is a product that you as a galvanic company do not come across in our program, please contact us and we will look at the possibilities. We have set ourselves the goal of supplying a total package, and that includes your product!