Water treatment

Water treatment in general is a growing market in today’s society, due to increasing scarcity and contaminants in surface water. Clean drinking water should be obtained from salt water. But the water in public and private swimming pools must also be disinfected to prevent the growth of pathogens. Chlorine tablets are – still – frequently used for this, which, however, can also lead to excessive use.

Therefore, more and more MEMOX – TiRu anodes are being used to produce free chlorine on-site as a disinfectant, providing clean pool water without the need to store and transport harmful chemicals.

Extensive experience in developing and testing anodes, both in the laboratory and in indoor and outdoor pools, has resulted in the optimal composition for disinfection of swimming pool water.

Our anodes are also suitable for use in low salinity pools (usually 1-2 g/L NaCl), however systems are usually “tailor-made” for the process.

    In addition to a tailor-made total solution, we also offer individual anodes, according to your own design, with the appropriate MEMOX MMO coating.