History of ME-Metals & Technologies BV


ME-Metals & Technologies BV was founded in 2004 under the name ME-Metals. At that time, owner and founder Mat Hurkxkens was still employed, but he envisioned a future for himself in setting up his own company.

In September 2011, Mat decided to fully focus on ME-Metals and the name was expanded to ME-Metals & Technologies, in order to be more distinctive in the market.

Where the company was located in the first years at the residential address in Sint Odiliënberg, ME-Metals & Technologies has established itself from September 2011 on Business Park De Berk in Echt. As of August 2016, the company moved to the location on the Marie Curieweg in Roermond, the location where we are still located.

As of 2020, the company has switched from a sole proprietorship to a BV, partly due to the number of employees that has expanded over the years to now 6 employees.

And we continue to grow, so we will open a webshop for titanium parts in the near future: www.Titanium-webshop.eu. We will keep you informed.

The Giraffe


The main reason that we have chosen the giraffe in our logo is on the one hand the fact that a giraffe has a good overview of its immediate environment due to its length and on the other hand the fact that a giraffe has a small, but extremely powerful heart.

ME-Metals & Technologies BV would like to meet these two characteristics; have an overview of the market, see opportunities and threats, and respond to them together with our customers (and suppliers). The strong heart is expressed in our having the proverbial ‘heart for the cause’, a quality that the employees of ME-Metals & Technologies also possess.

The giraffe is also a pioneer in its area and is very diplomatic. The giraffe is both gentle and strong, looking with mildness at what presents itself and looking for connection and clarity in its territory. Translated to our area, we see clear solutions, short lines and clear agreements in this.

And finally: The giraffe sticks out its long neck, we like to do that for our customers!

Mission & Vision



It is our mission to offer our customers the best possible solution in advice and product and to unburden them completely in the purchasing process, so that they can focus on their own processes.


Helping others to create improvement.

Core Values


ME-Metals & Technologies BV considers service to its customers of paramount importance. This service is reflected in all aspects of doing business. An existing customer is served with just as much service as a potential customer who has not yet placed an order, but is initially only interested in our products / services, without ME-Metals & Technologies BV knowing whether this will eventually become a customer. 

ME-Metals & Technologies BV supplies products that are used to carry out processes. ME-Metals & Technologies BV feels jointly responsible for the progress of these processes within the companies.

Due to the high involvement of ME-Metals & Technologies BV, every effort is made to deliver the products to the customer on time and with the highest possible quality. This requires the necessary flexibility, but we experience appreciation from our customers.

Customization / precision
Few products that ME-Metals & Technologies BV supplies are the same. Each customer has their own product, which has been specially designed for them. This means that customization must be provided at all times. Customization with precision, one millimeter too much or too little, and even a tenth of a millimeter, can make a big difference in our industry.

We think along with our customers in order to arrive at the best solution together. That is why it is very important to jointly discuss the details of a project at an early stage. Only in this way can problems be tackled at an early stage.

ME-Metals & Technologies BV is therefore not only a supplier of your products, but also has the necessary knowledge in-house to provide its customers with good advice and subsequently implement it.

ME-Metals & Technologies BV has short lines of communication with the direct suppliers, both for the stock holders of the materials and the machine factories for the processing. This ensures that we can respond flexibly and quickly to what is needed for our customers.

Some projects are more urgent than others, and we try to respond to that. In addition, we expect a short response time to our customers, so that they never have to wait long for us.

It is not always possible to provide an extensive, substantive response within an hour or a day, but we will always ensure that your inquiry or order is initiated within a few working hours.

As a young company, we continue to look for new, innovative developments in the market, both in the field of new products, as well as innovative production options and ways to serve the market faster and better.